About Us

Who we are?

A Canadian owned company, committed in supporting Authentic Artisanal Producers & the sustainability of the Cork Industry.

Cork Accessories is about innovation and sustainability - and those qualities are passed on to our customers through our beautiful collection of accessories made from natural materials such as cork and leather.

Our Goal

To bring you the latest trends in home/office and fashion accessories from our exclusive network of Authentic Artisanal Cork Producers in Portugal. Having secured exclusivity with these Artisanal Producers will ensure we will be first to market with any innovative products at competitive pricing.

Where do ROK products come from?

ROK products come from the outer bark of the evergreen oak known by the Latin name Quercus (oak) Suber (cork), which grows in Southern Europe, 300,000 pounds are harvested annually, with Portugal having the highest harvest percentage of 61.3%. In order to sustain the Cork tree, it is only harvested every 9 years, in order to obtain the high quality cork required for our accessories, one must wait 43 years, any cork harvested before this will be utilized for industrial items.

Our Products

Rok products are made of the highest quality of processed cork. They are manually cut, stitched and packaged. Each item carefully handled, every detail looked into by expert craftsmen, making our products 100% artisanal, unique and durable. Product linings are made with natural fabrics like cotton and silk. Items with a combination of Cork and Leather are made with the softest, highest quality Portuguese leather, for a luxurious finish and of course durability.

Why is Cork becoming the most sought out material for stylish accessories:

  • It's unique & different!!
  • Looks and feels GREAT!!
  • 100% Eco-Friendly
  • 100% Natural product
  • Durable and supple as leather
  • Silky-soft to the touch and Lightweight
  • Easy to clean
  • Stain and scratch resistant
  • Water resistant
  • Impervious to fading
  • Tolerant to extreme heat
  • Hypoallergenic and Fire Resistant
  • Vegan

Our journey to find the best artisanal cork manufacturers has taken us on an exquisite adventure through the most remote little towns in Portugal, where the never ending postcard scenery is only beaten by the warmth of the Portuguese people. One can truly attest the love and detail that goes into each item manufactured exclusively for Cork Accessories, and for this our promise to never compromise on quality will never be broken.